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Includes A Free 14-Minute Walkthrough Video

What You’ll Discover In This Free Template & Guided Video Training:

Includes A Free14-Minute Walkthrough Video

Meet The eCom Financial Architect: Matt Putra

EightX is a leading team of Fractional CFOs helping successful eCom brands unlock more scale, profits and growth.

We put together this free template and guide to help successful ecommerce entrepreneurs navigate the mine-field of finances when scaling their brand.  

No doubt you're amazing at brand, product and marketing.  But the last piece of the scaling puzzle is the financials.

We’ve put this free template together to help you set clear marketing finance targets so you can scale with peace of mind and most importantly, hit your financial target.

Includes A Free 14-Minute Walkthrough Video

Here’s What Ecom Founders Are Saying About EightX:

Attentiveness to the service and client. They really gave us confidence in working through problems & questions we have.

Nate Gunn

WidBird, Co-Founder

Matt is a key member of the team and now Amanda is too. The fact that we live in different cities doesn’t matter. I trust them and rely on them so much.

Lara Smith

Lara Smith

Lusome, Founder

They hit the ground running and use their experience and talent to immediately make an impact on the financial performance of the company.

Brad Liski

Brad Liski

Tru.Earth, CEO

The experience has been excellent thus far and make my life easy.

Ian Rollin

Ian Rollin

Brushess, Founder

Matt is knowledgeable and knows his shit. He also is super connected and we always appreciate his guidance.  Having someone to look at the numbers with on a regular basis that knows what they all mean is huge.

Brandi Tindall

Brandi Tindall

SunnaTan, Managing Partner

We started working with Matt when I really didn't have any idea what was going on on the finance side. We were growing fast, but I didn't understand how to manage that piece of the operation. Matt was able to put together a forecast for us and helped us with when to hire and when to not hire.

Tim Keen

Tim Keen

Loop Club, CEO

Matt has done a great job of understanding the goals of the business and then saying, look, this is where we need to get to. You should be pushing ad spend here. You should be watching out for this number, but you can push harder here. And that's been a huge help to us and a total game changer.

David Menzel

David Menzel

Salty Face, Co-Founder

For those who keep asking me where to start... We have been very fortunate to be working with Matt Putra over the last little while. Not sure if he is taking on anymore clients but feel free to reach out. Or just follow his Linkedin as he drops golden nuggets all day long.

Aaron Spivak

Aaron Spivak

Hush, Co-Founder

Includes A Free 14-Minute Walkthrough Video


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