Meet The ‘eCommerce Financial Architects’ Who Can Build You A Financial Game Plan To Increase Margins, Cash Flow & Profits

Get Actionable, Practical, No-BS Advice From A CFO Who Is Focused On Brand Growth, Profits & Scale

Increase Cash Flow

Increase Profits

Increased Valuation

Improve Margins

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow Improve Margins Increase Profits Unlock Greater Scale       Increase Your Valuation

Your eCom Brand’s Ability To Scale Is Being Held Back By Your Cashflow & Margins…  

Hey eCommerce Brand Owner,

My name's Matt Putra, but my clients call me the ‘eCommerce Architect’.

Me and my team are leading Fractional CFOs for successful eCommerce Brands that want to gain an ‘economic edge’ over their competitors.

Then read every word that follows because this page could change your life…

Because eCommerce Is a

Game of Economics…

And better economics allow you to scale faster, earn more profit and increase your valuation.

And I can guarantee you that your brand is being held back by your current margins and cash flow.

If you’ve ever had to wait for cash, sales or stock to arrive to grow your business…

I’m about to show you how we make that a thing of the past for the brands we work with and how you can too.

I’ve developed a revolutionary system for eCommerce brands to go from low margins & poor cash flow to profit producing machines that can scale fast.

It’s Called EightX and It’s Helping Successful Brands To…

And it all starts with the custom Financial Game Plan we design for you and your brand.

Every plan is built from the ground up to ensure you hit your goals, increase your cash flow and make more profit so you scale faster.

If you need help with structuring your finances for cash flow, increasing margins and ensuring your brand actually hits your finance targets…

This is for you.

To get started, apply for a free, confidential 30-minute ‘Financial Unlock’ Game Plan and I’ll show you how to improve cashflow and start scaling again.

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

We’re A Fractional CFO Service That Helps 7-Figure eCom Brands Unlock More Cash, Profit & Scale

At EightX our team of Fractional CFOs are a natural extension of your team.  Where an accountant reports on what happens. We create a plan with you and constantly monitor it to make sure it happens. 

Our proactive guidance and experience helps you to scale your brand, increase profits and have more peace of mind while taking the stress out of running an eCommerce brand.

Optimize Your Cash Flow So You Can Start Scaling

Cash flow is critical to your eCommerce business's success. Without cash, you can’t invest in stock or marketing… and growth can stop overnight. Fixing your cash flow issues first enables us to help you to scale your marketing and brand faster.

Improve Your eCom Margins For Profit & Growth

Anyone can tell you to cut costs to increase your margins.  No one can tell you how to cut costs to enable growth and scale in your business.  Our entrepreneurial CFO strategies help eCommerce brands become profitable without sacrificing long term growth.

Increase Your Brands Valuation & Equity

Financial control, planning & management is key to becoming more profitable.  It’s also key for increasing the valuation of your brand when you look to exit.  Our holistic strategy allows you to be rewarded today while planting the seeds for a bigger valuation tomorrow.

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

How Our Fractional CFO Services Help Brands Scale Profitably & Increase Valuation…

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“It's been extremely invaluable”

Tim Keen

Loop Club

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"It's a no-brainer!”

David Menzel

Salty Face

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"Elite direction in steering the ship”

Ian Rollin


5 Reasons Why You Need EightX To Start Scaling Your eCom Brand…

Cash makes your eCommerce business move faster… without it you’re stuck.  With every brand we help unblock their cash flow bottlenecks almost immediately so they can focus on growth.

Our team of CFOs give you and your marketing team the frameworks, benchmarks and guidance on when to scale and when to hold back so you’re never leaving money and customers on the table.

Our full expense audit and walkthrough shows you exactly how you can increase your margins without sacrificing current growth for your brand.  This results in more profit and cash in your back pocket even while you grow.

You’ve worked hard for the brand you have.  Now it’s time you got paid for all that hard work, late nights and early starts.  We’ll work with you to hit your own financial targets and goals.

Looking to sell in the future or take on investment to scale? Perfect! We can help set your finances up to ensure you get the very best terms when it comes to selling your brand.

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

Meet The Team Of eCom ‘Architects’ Helping Brands Restore Margins & Scale Faster

Matt Putra

CFO, Founder

Leandro D'Elia


John Leonard

Director, Financial Planning

Gabriela Bertolotti

Executive Assistant

Kate Weingartz

Executive Assistant

Sunny Onrada

Senior Financial Analyst


Senior Financial Analyst

We truly believe business is a game of economics. 

And economics in eCommerce can be life or death.

Which is why we have assembled a team of A-Player CFOs who have a passion for finance and are more importantly…

Obsessed with eCommerce.

Our Fractional CFOs are ready to become part of your team and give you the game plan, strategy and guide you with the execution so you can become financially dominant. 

Having worked in over 15+ niches, our team has the strategies to make an instant impact in your brand's bottom line.

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

The EightX Financial Growth Formula To Free Up Cash, Margins & Unlock Real Scale & Profits

Fix Your Financial Model

We review your entire financial model and unit economics from your supplier costs to your pricing structure to find you more margin & profit

Optimize Marketing Spend

We review and analyse your current marketing performance giving you guidance on when to spend and how to strategically spend so you can confidently scale and grow faster

Optimize Cash Conversion Cycle

We review the outflows and inflows of your cash and how you can improve each element to get paid faster so you never have to wait for cash again 

Chart The Path To Scale

We create a step-by-step game plan to help you reach your financial goals… whether you want to increase margins, take out more cash or plan for a lucrative exit - we’ll show you how to get there

Execute & Monitor The Plan

eCommerce is a dynamic environment and we’re there with you supporting your brand, reviewing performance and being proactive when things change so you can safely hit your goals

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

Specialized Financial Support For eCommerce Brands Who Are Serious About Growth

General Fractional CFOs


Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

EightX Fractional CFOs Are Helping Clients All Over The World

Nate Gunn

Attentiveness to the service and client. They really...

Lara Smith

Matt is a key member of the team and now Amanda is too.

Brad Liski

They hit the ground running and use their experience...

Tim Keen

We started working with Matt when I really didn't have...

Ian Rollin

The experience has been excellent thus far and make...

Brandi Tindall

Matt is knowledgeable and knows his shit.

Hear Directly From Our Clients How We’ve Improved Cash Flow, Margins & Profits

Attentiveness to the service and client. They really gave us confidence in working through problems & questions we have.

Nate Gunn

WidBird, Co-Founder

Matt is a key member of the team and now Amanda is too. The fact that we live in different cities doesn’t matter. I trust them and rely on them so much.

Lara Smith

Lusome, Founder

They hit the ground running and use their experience and talent to immediately make an impact on the financial performance of the company.

Brad Liski

Tru.Earth, CEO

The experience has been excellent thus far and make my life easy.

Ian Rollin

Brushess, Founder

Matt is knowledgeable and knows his shit. He also is super connected and we always appreciate his guidance.  Having someone to look at the numbers with on a regular basis that knows what they all mean is huge.

Brandi Tindall

SunnaTan, Managing Partner

We started working with Matt when I really didn't have any idea what was going on on the finance side. We were growing fast, but I didn't understand how to manage that piece of the operation. Matt was able to put together a forecast for us and helped us with when to hire and when to not hire.

Tim Keen

Loop Club, CEO

Matt has done a great job of understanding the goals of the business and then saying, look, this is where we need to get to. You should be pushing ad spend here. You should be watching out for this number, but you can push harder here. And that's been a huge help to us and a total game changer.

David Menzel

Salty Face, Co-Founder

For those who keep asking me where to start... We have been very fortunate to be working with Matt Putra over the last little while. Not sure if he is taking on anymore clients but feel free to reach out. Or just follow his Linkedin as he drops golden nuggets all day long.

Aaron Spivak

Hush, Co-Founder

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

EightX & Our Fractional CFOs Are A Perfect Fit For Your Brand If:

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

Our 3 Step Process To Increase Your Margins & Cash Flow 

Apply For Your Financial Unlock Gameplan

Book your free 30-minute session with our Fractional CFOs and discover how we can help you to build a plan to increase cash flow, margins and profits.

Attend The Free 30-Minute Session & See If It’s A Good Fit

In the 30-minute session we’ll discuss how you and your brand can unlock your finances and how we can help you to unlock more margins and cash flow.

Get The Exact Plan To Increase Cash & Margins

Every brand we take on we make an immediate impact with.  In the first 60 days we’ll work with you on a plan and execution guidance to improve your cash flow and margins.

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

Increase Cash Flow

Increase Profits

Increased Valuation

Improve Margins

Apply For A FREE 30-Minute Financial Unlock Game Plan And Find Out How You Can Increase Your Brand’s Cashflow & Margins

Get A EightX Financial Game Plan To Get You There (Valued at $500)

Most successful eCommerce companies are stuck and chained down because of cash flow. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Our free 30-minute Financial Unlock Game Plan can help guide you to fix your cash flow, margins and profits.

Our team of EightX Fractional CFOs fix these issues and have helped 100’s of brands to fix their financials and start scaling again.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the session:

How you can increase your eCommerce brands margins in the next 60 days and improve your cash flow so you can grow your brand faster

3 biggest mistakes eCommerce owners make when it comes to optimizing cash flow and how you can fix them fast (like in the next 14 days)

How to safely scale your brand and advertising without having to take CRAZY financial risks (we’ll share our simple mental model that helped one brand increase it’s profits by $300k in 2 weeks)

How to transform your brand from cash hungry machine to a cash flowing machine so you can scale your brand or start producing more profits for you to enjoy

The #1 Strategy to increase the valuation of your brand and simple little financial tweaks that investors and buyers go wild for… (if an exit is on your radar the sooner you know this the better!)

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a range of investments and services to support your brand.  The best way to find out our different levels of investment is to book a free call with us by clicking the button on the page.

We usually see an improvement in cash flow and improvement in margins of between 5% to 15% in two quarters.
We also structure your financials to increase the valuation and multiple of your brand so it’s more appealing to investors for when you’re ready to sell a stake of your brand and cash in some capital.

We specialize in eCommerce and work with brands doing over $2M in annual sales.  At this level, it allows us to come in and make an immediate impact within your business and improve things fast.  We’ve also worked in a range of different niches within eCommerce and can provide specialized guidance to help you grow.

This is a collaborative effort and we’ll provide you with the steps and actions required to see improvements fast. However, if you’re slow to act it will take longer.

Unlock Your Brand’s Finances And Scale Faster By Booking In Your Free & Private Consultation With Our Head CFO Today

Speak With A CFO Expert And Fix Your Cash Flow

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