The Top 3 Recommendations (To Improve Cash Flow and Value) From a Fractional CFO

Matt Putra is the Fractional CFO at Eightx, where they help brands optimize cash flow, plan for growth, and be more resilient — but more importantly, they provide brand owners with the tools to stop stressing about their business! He is the Co-owner of Keep Nature Wild, where he promotes volunteerism and responsible outdoor recreation through trash cleanup. Matt is the Chief Financial Officer of Little and Lively Clothing and Fikse Wheels. Previously, he was the Chief Financial Officer for the Community Forward Fund, Vice President of Finance for New Market Funds, and Vice President of Finance for New Commons Development.

As a business owner, how can you stress less and forecast your cash flow so you’re still scaling? Sometimes your business plan doesn’t always follow the chronological order you set.

What can you do to add value to your brand? Matt Putra is seasoned in having conversations about scaling brands. While the nature of entrepreneurship may come with risks, many people feel challenged when it comes to reserving their cash flow.

But if you’re looking for ways to grow, Matt recommends following these three things: be cautious with fixed costs and additions, finance when you don’t need it, and maintain regular bookkeeping. In this episode of the Quiet Light Podcast, Joe Valley sits down with Matt Putra, Fractional CFO at Eightx, to discuss critical steps entrepreneurs need to take toward success. Matt talks about future planning for cash flow, investing in finances during times of growth, and bookkeeping as a business plan. Stay tuned!