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Matt Putra

Matt Putra is an eCommerce expert and fractional CFO for eCommerce brands.

He’s built, bought, and consults for many eCom brands in the UK, Austria, US, Canada scale their businesses with more cash and less stress. As a Fractional CFO and an active eCommerce Investor, he knows what it takes to both minimize risk and optimize for growth.

Matt has spent his entire career in the service of small businesses, learning what it takes to grow, plan ahead, and keep your business alive and thriving like it should. That’s why he specializes in long-term financial forecasting for e-commerce businesses with $10-120M in revenue.

Matt Putra

Latest Podcasts


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"The financially sound & successful e-commerce businesses are lean as long as they can be. They keep costs down and are just careful." – Matt Putra


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Find out how to measure the success of a small change to cash flow and the common mistakes businesses make when trying to improve cash flow.

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