Cashflow Tips from an Ecom CFO – Kurt Elster

"The financially sound & successful e-commerce businesses are lean as long as they can be. They keep costs down and are just careful." – Matt Putra

The Top 3 Recommendations (To Improve Cash Flow and Value) From a Fractional CFO

As a business owner, how can you stress less and forecast your cash flow so you’re still scaling? Sometimes your business plan doesn’t always follow the chronological order you set.

Fractional CFO And Maverick Matt Putra Shares How To Grow Profits And Increase Enterprise Value (#252)

Jeffrey Feldberg and Matt Putra talk about Matt’s experience in private equity and now as a fractional CFO. Matt shares little known but fatal mistakes that business owners make that…

Improve Cashflow With These Small Changes | Matt Putra

Find out how to measure the success of a small change to cash flow and the common mistakes businesses make when trying to improve cash flow.

The Best Ways to Manage Cashflow For eCommerce Businesses | Matt Putra | Ep. 379

Check out the best ways to manage cashflow for eCommerce businesses with Matt Putra! Norm Farrar hosts the Amazon FBA and ecom podcast Lunch With Norm!

How to Financially Structure Your Ecommerce Business With Matt Putra

Are you an ecommerce entrepreneur struggling to get a handle on your finances? When starting a business, getting a foothold on your finances is one of the most complex and…

Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz

Kerry Lutz interviewed Matt Putra, a fractional CFO, who provided an overview of how fractional CFOs work and the benefits of hiring them. Matt explained that fractional CFOs help companies…

Scale Your Company with More Cash and Less Stress with Matt Putra

In this episode of "What's Working in E-commerce," Eagan Heath interviews Matt Putra, a fractional CFO for e-commerce companies. They discuss the importance of financial planning and how it can…

Matthew Putra on the best way to manage your marketing spend and your agency – Chasing the Lights

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Why Shortening the Cash Conversion Cycle is Crucial With Matt Putra

Why Shortening the Cash Conversion Cycle is Crucial With Matt Putra. The Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) is a metric that many businesses don’t consider enough. How many days does your…

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