How to Financially Structure Your Ecommerce Business With Matt Putra

Are you an ecommerce entrepreneur struggling to get a handle on your finances?

When starting a business, getting a foothold on your finances is one of the most complex and vital aspects of your endeavor. You may face a myriad of financial hiccups, strains, and issues.

You can get advice on improving logistics, but that doesn’t address your financial structure or the effects of inventory levels on cash flow. Should you take out a loan or secure a line of credit? Entrepreneurs need sound financial advice and long-term solutions so they can concentrate on growing a thriving business.

In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual speaks with Matt Putra, a Fractional CFO at EightX, about properly structuring your finances as an ecommerce company. They discuss the best loans, properly using a line of credit, how to handle inventory spikes, and keeping money for continual growth. Matt also talks about how to handle yourself when approaching lenders. Listen to the episode here